Sunday, May 22, 2011

VSKC Skills Day 15 May

Having neglected paddling for more than two months, I finally got back on the water on the 15th. West coasters Tony, Tina and John were running a skills session for VSKC. The weather obliged with winds under 10 knots, and there was a good turn out for the session.

Launching at Fisherman's beach, we headed around to the front beach to practise strokes.
Launching from Fisho's

In small groups we ran through sweep strokes. A small swell made for realistic conditions for this practice.

Sweep as!

I learned a neat new technique for sweeping into wind, involving a partial sweep while leaning forward or backward to change the boat's pivot point.

After some sweep strokes, beginners were given some bracing practice in the gentle waves of Fisho's beach.

After lunch, we surfed some small waves on the front beach.

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