Monday, November 26, 2012

Paddling in Westernport

Photos from some recent paddling in Westernport: a trip to Cowes and an overnighter to Stockyard.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A trip around Flinders Island

Pictures from a trip in the Furneaux Island group, including a circumnavigation of Flinders Island, March 2012. 

Slightly out of order. 

We went from Little Musselroe to Clarke Island to Cape Barren then around the East Coast then West Coast of Flinders before return to Little Musselroe.

Rather angry Cape Barren Geese greeted us at Babel Island
The only clear space we could find on Babel Island

Clarke Island

Approaching Chappel Island

Exploring Clark Island

Near Chalky Island, looking towards the Flinders Peaks

Campsite on Foochow Beach on the East Coast of Flinders

Rounding the point on the way into land at Trousers Point

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The Northern end of Flinders Island, looking towards Inner Sister Island

Mount Chappell, Chappell Island