Sunday, March 6, 2011

Through the Heads

On another beautiful autumn day I joined John, Tina, Tony and Roger for a short paddle on the West Coast from Barwon Heads to Point Lonsdale and return.

We launched on the Eastern side of the Barwon River. Like much of the water around Melbourne recently, the Barwon was pouring unattractive brown water into the ocean.

The less than sparkling waters being poured out from the Barwon River
We had a moderate cross wind on the way to Point Lonsdale. At the Heads, we snuck through between a barely covered rock platform and a reef break. It was surprisingly flat.

We landed just short of the pier at Point Lonsdale. Roger and Tina practised an amphibious landing technique, somehow getting onto the back deck while afloat and pulling their legs out of the rather small Nadgee cockpit before paddling in with their legs out. Not trusting my ability to replicate this without capsizing, I practised an ordinary landing.

We ate an unhurried lunch next to the pier.

On the way back out of the Heads, the water was even flatter than on the way in.

Returning to Barwon Heads I thought I should venture a little closer to the surf zone. Initially I kept well out of the impact zone, enjoying the opportunity to bounce around and catch a little swell. Closer to Barwon Heads I made a proper effort to surf a wave. After a short run I exited early, but gracefully, I thought. I was then side on in the impact zone for the next wave. I braced into it and surfed in sideways, somewhat close to an unsuspecting family bathing inshore, but without injury to them. As the wave petered out, I fell over but managed a roll back up.

We landed at Barwon Heads and had a cup of tea at John and Tina's house.

Another pleasant West Coast paddle.

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