Monday, January 17, 2011

This blog: hopefully more than just self-indulgence

As an interested reader of many sea kayaking blogs, I have for some time thought about starting my own. The gift of a waterproof camera has left me with no further excuse for procrastination, so this is it: the journal of a tyro paddler venturing out on the Victorian coastline in a sea kayak.

My aims in starting this blog are, I like to think, more than self-indulgent. Hopefully I can document some of the adventures to be had and sights to be seen in a sea kayak paddling along Victoria's coasts and bays.

Self and kayak in a rare moment between capsizes

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  1. Hi Ned (waves shyly in cyberspace). I've found my way here via Katie. We actually do own a kayak but it spends its days lying on its side against the house, every now and then getting a trip to the Maribyrnong courtesy of my husband.

    I wish you luck on this blog - the pictures are great - and my only suggestion is that you add a few articles about you when you're not paddling too.